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Readability scoring: Tools for accessible evaluation

By Somongkol Teng One of the challenges I often face as an evaluator is ensuring that questions in my surveys and other instruments are clear and accessible to diverse audiences. There have been times when youth taking my survey have come back to me looking confused because of the language in my questions. It's easy for adults to forget that what makes sense to us might not necessarily make sense to young people. While there are different ways to tackle the problem, one of the tools I like to use is readability scoring. What is readability scoring? Readability scoring is a computer-calculated measure of how easy a piece of text is to read. The score identifies the educational level a reader would need to understand your text. The lower the educational level needed, the easier your text is to understand. Below are the top three free readability scoring tools you should check out. Microsoft Word Did you know Microsoft Word can assess reading level for you? It’s super si